We are a data-driven computational biology laboratory at Oregon Health & Science University with affiliations to the Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Computational Biology Program. We develop bioinformatics tools for next generation sequencing data analysis and Machine Learning algorithms for large-scale biomedical data interpretation.

Ongoing projects:

Laboratory News

•12/2018: We receive a CEDAR seed grant with Dr. Munks to study the earliest events in the failure of tumor-reactive T cells.

•10/2018: We are awarded a Collins Medical Trust grant!

•08/2018: Welcome to our new lab member Dr. Xiangnan Guan from Ohio State University.

•08/2018: Xia lab moves into the new Knight Cancer Research Building which brings multidisciplinary scientists together under one roof to accelerate collaborations.

•05/2018: Zheng is awarded a career development grant! Congratulations!

•03/2018: We are awarded a grant from the Childhood Leukemia Foundation!

•01/2018: A Knight CEDAR grant is funded. We will work with Drs. Rozanov and Thompson for early breast cancer detection using TCR sequencing.

•01/2018: The paper with Adey Lab is accepted to Nature Biotechnology. Duanchen and Zheng are co-authors and contributed to the nonnegative matrix factorization based clusering for the single-cell DNA mehtylation data.

•01/2018: A manuscript is accepted to Nature Genetics. Zheng is a co-author.

•10/2017: Dr. Chaojie Wang from Ohio State University joins our team. Chaojie majors in Biochemistry. Welcome!

•09/2017: A manuscript is accepted to Elife. Zheng is a co-author.

•07/2017: Welcome to new Postdoctoral Researcher Duanchen Sun, who joined the group after receiving his PhD in Operations Research and Bioinformatics from Chinese Academy of Sciences.

•07/2017: Wes Horton joins the team as a Computational Biologist to provide bioinformatics support for our collaborators. Wes graduated from University of Oregon.

•05/2017: A manuscript is accepted to PLoS Genet. Zheng is a co-author.

•02/2017: A manuscript is accepted to Nucleic Acids Research. Zheng is a co-author.

•12/2016: A manuscript is accepted to Scientific Reports. Zheng is a co-author.

•11/2016: A manuscript is accepted to Science Advance. Zheng is a co-author.