We are a data-driven computational biology laboratory at Oregon Health & Science University with affiliations to the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology, Computational Biology Program and Knight Cancer Institute. We develop bioinformatics tools for next-generation sequencing data analysis and Machine Learning algorithms for large-scale biomedical data interpretation.

Ongoing projects:

Laboratory News

•06/2021: Duanchen’s bioinformatics method SCISSOR for phenotype-guided cell subpopulation identification from single-cell data is accepted to Nature Biotechnology! Congratulations!

•05/2021: Duanchen's paper about blocking prostate cancer lineage plasticity through BED Bromodomain inhibition is accepted to Clinical Cancer Research! Congratulations!

•05/2021: Welcome Wes join our lab as a computational biologist!

•03/2021: Dr. Moran's R01 is scored at 4%. A win for team science since we established the experimental and computational collaboration four years ago!

•02/2021: A new grant is awarded to the Xia Lab: Established Investigator Idea Development Award from the Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research Program!

•11/2020: Our collaboration with Dr. Alexey Danilov is funded by an R01 (scored at 2%) to study the mechanisms underlying the drug resistance in Mantle cell lymphoma!

•09/2020: Guan has accepted the offer from Genentech as an associate scientist in Bioinformatics. Good experimental biologists have the intrinsic properties to become good computational biologists!

•08/2020: A collaborative R01 with Dr. Alumkal is funded (scored at 2%). We are looking forward to working with Alumkal lab to target prostate cancer lineage plasticity!

•06/2020: Guan's paper about copy number loss in enzalutamide-resistant prostate cancer is accepted to Clinical Cancer Research! Congratulations!

•04/2020: Our paper about enzalutamide-resistant prostate cancer is accepted by PNAS!

•03/2020: Guan received a travel award to present at the Thirteenth Annual Prostate Cancer Program Retreat in Florida.

•02/2020: Our collaborative work in single-cell RNA-seq data analysis of tendon cells is published in eLife!

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